Hello. This blog is about digital physics (DP), a fringe-but-not-fringe view of the fundamental physics of the universe that considers the physics of the very small to be ultimately discrete – both with respect to distance and time. My aim is to present some readable, understandable commentary on issues around DP for anyone interested and prepared to listen. While I may present some mathematics, I’ll attempt to keep the wordy parts comprehensible on their own.

I also plan to create some simulations (with movies) but alas, I may well be confusing Ambition with Ability.

I call it fringe because you don’t hear about it unless you look around a bit. If, on your first brush with DP you spend a bit of time thinking about its implications, you will very likely come to a conclusion along the lines of “Nice try, but it can’t possibly work because it couldn’t model A, or B and certainly not C!”. A, B and C might be, for example, Lorentz Symmetry, The Principle of Relativity or the brain frying Bell’s Theorem. But if you mull it over you might suddenly find that “Maybe Lorentz Symmetry could work if such and such” or “Actually the apparent lack of an absolutely stationary frame isn’t even an issue”.

I call it but-not-fringe because there is an undercurrent in science that the idea of continuous space is a bit troubling. And there are notable people in physics who feel this way. What DP lacks is a kickstart. It has not reached a critical mass because there are precious few results available. So perhaps a good approach is to pick issues and try to create a proof of concept model – a model that can’t be our universe but shows that A, B or C can occur in a DP.

Finally, it’s important to be careful not to fall into crackpot mode. I do not believe in DP, but I find it compelling, it seems a better paradigm than anything else I’ve heard, it’s worth some of my time and energy, and it’s exciting. But at all times I’m ready to throw it out with the garbage if it’s shown to be wrong.

I predict it will be right.


So what do you think?

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